Mudtrooper Build Photos

Mudtrooper Build Photos

Weathering on chest

The back with painted EVA foam flares. I used the hose connectors I removed from the other end to make connectors for the NATO 40mm hoses.

The painted biceps with weathering


The cloak is drawn together by the larger lower string.
The Cloak – the cloak is a Soviet Union WWII era soldier field cloak/tent/raincoat called a Plasch-palatka.  You can get them on Amazon here.   The cloak is dyed black.  This is not an easy think to do and may require multiple applications.  The cloak here has been died twice and still is a dark brown.  It will be dyed again.

The cloak draw string goes through two peices of plastic with holes in them and is tied in the center. These plastic brackets are bolted in place by the same bolts used to hold on the shoulder straps.

The pattern for the jacket is available on our website as a digital download.  It is made out of Olive Grey Denim

The lower belt is made from 2 1.5" strips of webbing that are sewn together.  The top belt is leather. Missing from this photo are is the long box.

This is how the mask is attached to the helmet in the up position. Its position can be adjusted with the straps.

The back width can be brought in by cutting to the side of this detail and a section removed.  The two sections can then be joined back together with epoxy.  

The gloves are available on Amazon.