PAD Sound Blaster or Helmet Sound Board

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We are now making the Sound and Light Board we use to power our helmets for lights and voice available to cosplayers for use in helmets and blasters. The PAD Sound Board is a simple board that combines an Arduino Mini Pro and a Sound board with an SD card reader that allows costume makers to add sound and lights to costumes, blasters, and helmets. It has three triggers (momentary switch inputs) that can be used to sync LEDs to MP3 sound files that are on an SD card. The board comes per-programmed for 3 switches, a blaster trigger, a voice trigger, and a light switch. The trigger switch triggers two LED sets for an initial blast with a secondary flicker. The voice trigger cycles through a list of MP3 files on the SD card. The light switch turns a light on and off such as a helmet LED or blaster "ready" LED. For more advanced users the board can be programmed with the Arduino programming language for many other sequences or uses.

The code for the basic program is included. (Note for advanced programmers: additional pins on the Arduinno board are accessable for other inputs or outputs. )

The board includes and onboard 3W amplifier which can power a small speaker as well as an audio out which can be sent to a larger amplifier. The system is designed to be powered by a 5V power supply such as a USB rechargable power pack.

Please note that assembly of the board is required. At least medium level experience with electronics and Arduinos is required.

- 3 triggers
- SD Card slot for MP3 files

- 3 LED switches
- speaker 3W
- audio line level

Dimensions: 28mm x 75mm x 12mm
Power: 5V
Options Available:
Option 1
- Base Board kit
- Included the board, MP3 Player, and pre-programmed Arduino
- PAD Sound Board Programmed

Option 2
- Blaster Kit
- includes everything needed to wire a blaster
- PAD Base board Sound Board Programmed
- 1 momentary push button switch
- 1 on off push button switch
- 1 Mini Speaker
- 3 Red LEDs
- SD Card with sounds

Option 3
- Helmet Electronics Kit
- Includes everything needed to wire your helmet for sound, lights, and a fan.
- PAD Sound Board programmed
- Helmet electronics case
- battery holder
- 4 momentary push button switches
- 1 push button on off switch
- USB power cable
- 3 Green LEDs
- Mini 3W Speaker
- Micro SD card with sounds
- Remote Ring button holder
- Remote Ring cable
- Audio in and Remote Ring plug
- 5V Fan Requires assembly and 5V power pack battery Requires assembly and a 5V power source. Please see our blogs on for tutorials including code.