Death Troopers DLT-19D Blaster Prop - durable fiberglass

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The DLT-19D is the Death Trooper bad boy. This replica is highly detailed and cast in fiberglass so it’s only slightly heavier than a 3D print but extremely durable. It was created after lots of trooping with a 3D printed blaster and learning of its short comings. Unlike a 3D print these will not break under normal trooping conditions unlike a fragile plastic blaster. Unlike a solid resin kit, they are hollow and can be equipped with LEDs and electronics. If you plan on putting electronics in them, let me know and the stock can be cut and fitted with a compartment to hold a speaker and battery.

This must be requested at checkout. We are one of the only makers that now offer these with fiberglass stocks and barrels. Fiberglass is very close to the weight of a 3D print but extremely durable so your investment won't easily be breaking. The fiberglass barrel and stocks are make of two parts, a top and bottom with interlocking PVC tubes that hold the sections in place so that the gun can be broken down into two parts for transporting. 

Some of the smaller detail parts are 3D printed.  If they do get damaged they can usually be fixed. The front auxiliary "lights" are 3D printed.

This is a very labor intensive build so please allow time for it to be made. Warning: this looks like a real gun. Be careful in public. Not intended as a child's toy.

The blaster is painted and weathered to look like it is real. 

This is a custom made order so please allow up to 8 weeks for deliver.