DTx3 Fiberglass Death Trooper Helmet

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This version 2 of our helmet that is screen accurate. It is a professionally cast fiberglass helmet. It's made of a 2 layers ofof fiberglass and can take the abuse of trooping. The front sensors can accommodate LEDs. Note that there is a huge difference in the durability between a 3D printed helmet and a fiberglass helmet. These helmets are first rotocast with resin for high detail and then a layer of fiberglass is added to the interior for durability.

The photo with the fire behind is an actual photo of the helmet on a 501st member wearing our helmet at a recent photo shoot.


- DIY Kit $319- This includes the cast helmet, green plastic for lenses, helmet trim. Requires sanding, painting, and assembly. (Remote and electronics package shown above not included.)

- Finished Helmet $599- This includes a finished, painted and assembled helmet without any interior padding, fans, or electronics. User must add padding to their needs. (Remote and electronics package shown above not included.)

- Deluxe with Electronics $749- The deluxe helmet is fully finished with 2 part automotive paints for a superior finish and includes a full PAD electronics package with voice sound, LED lights, a fan, and a detachable remote that can trigger the voice and sound. It also has an audio out that can be used to feel a portable amp. The helmet also include padding and lining as shown in the photos.

PAD Electronics Package (Comes with the Deluxe Helmet)

- Push buttons both in the helmet and on remote controls lights

- Push buttons both in the helmet and on remote cycles through audio files

- Cycles through 20 MP3 audio files so you rarely hear the same audio over and over - Audio files are stored on an SD card which can be changed by user

- In helmet speaker provides output

- Audio out port on unit can provide output to a portable amp for outdoor or noisy venues Deluxe version also includes a side scanner with green LED light.

Size - The most important measurement is not the circumference but the straight distance from the back of your head to the temple. This is because of the way the front mask portion was designed. It needs to slip over the forhead. See the photo. This can be adjusted slightly with the kit version for larger heads.

Please note that these are made to order so please allow up to 4-8 weeks for delivery on finished helmets depending on how busy we are. If you also want the electronics please add another 2 weeks because there is only one guy who does the electronics. Helmet kits usually ship within a week.

Sizing - The distance from the back of the head to the brow is approx. 8.25", we can specially make one with this distance extended as much as a half inch more.