E-11D Death Trooper Blaster - Finished

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For more options and better pricing see our website at plasticarmsdealer.com. The E-11D is the weapon of choice of the Death Troopers. Debuting in Star Wars Rogue One, this blaster has a menacing look. We are one of the only makers that now offer these with fiberglass stocks. Fiberglass is very close to the weight of a 3D print but extremely durable so your investment won't easily be breaking. The fiberglass stocks are make of two parts, a top and bottom. These can easily be trimmed and glued together to form a very strong stock tube. Any seam can be filled with body filler and sanded smooth making the seam completely invisible. Unlike a 3D print, there is very little sanding since there aren't any print lines. Fiberglass also takes paint and finishes really well. The handle and other greebles are cast in our special "Troop Lite" resin which is labout 40% lighter than regular resin. The stock rods are aluminum. We offer this blaster in 3 versions: - Raw unfinished kit. - a fully finished and painted blaster that is painted and lightly weathered for realism and ready to troop. - a fully finished kit that is painted and lightly weathered for realism and ready to troop and includes a real M300 replica flash light. "Troop Lite" is our special mix of resins that produces a cast that is about 40% lighter than normal urethane resins but still is highly durable. Its perfect for trooping. Raw kits require some sanding and filling of casting imperfections as well as painting and assembly. Please note that this item are made to order. Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery for finished pieces. DIY kits usually ship within a week. If you need it sooner, contact us first to see what our production schedule is.