Fiberglass Mudtrooper Helmet Kit

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** Note there is an option to buy just the shell. This doesn't include any of the other parts. The full kit is $349 Mud Trooper from Solo, a Star Wars story, Gel coated fiberglass helmet shell and cast resin greebles kit. Each helmet comes primed in camo green and ready for you to finish out by weathering, adding interior padding, etc. Designed to fit over a skate helmet that’s easily available at Walmart and many other discount stores. Skate helmet and chin strap not included. Includes: - Fiberglass helmet shell - Cast Resin and fiberglass respirator - Cast Resin Goggle frame - Polycarbonat goggle lenses - Cast Resin buckle set - 3D Printed Helmet side "transmitter" greeble - cotton strap - elastic strap Add in the armor to make it a full cosume: