Mandalorian Dragon Detonator

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Create your own "Dragon Detonator" like the one used by The Mandalorian to kill the Krayt Dragon.  This bundle includes all of the parts including models of the actual switches and LEDs used in the actual prop.  The switch and posts can be swapped out with the actual parts or if the parts can't be found you can print your own.  The Honeywell multiLED has been modeled up so that it can be printed in red translucent fillament and 3mm LEDs can be put inside of the lens.  There is plenty of room inside to add in electronics to make the LEDs flash and add sound. 

A special thanks to Sni9er on the  on the RPF forum for finding the original parts (Honeywell-ELAC Military Sounding unit) used so that we were able to order them to make measurements from.