Mudtrooper Armor - Fiberglass

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For more options and better pricing see our website at This is an item we usually keep in stock and ready to ship as a kit. This is a very detailed Fiberglass and resin full armor kit. We have worked hard to make it as accurate as possible with the intention of it meeting 501st CRLs. If built properly it is 501st approvable. We already have a number of Mudtrooper costumes that have passed. Includes: Chest Armor - primed mat camo green Shoulder Bell Set - primed mat camo green Bicep Armor Set - primed mat camo green Back armor and “OIL Box” - primed mat camo green Belt boxes -- resin cast unpainted Shin Guards - primed mat camp green Rubber Shoulder Straps and Buckles Rubber Shin Straps and Buckles Note: This is the armor kit and does not include the helmet, belt, or other accessories which my be in the photos. We do carry these as a separate listings. The helmet is available here: Please note that this is a kit and will require fitting, assembly, and painting. We do offer a fully painted and rigged kit but we only do a few of these and they take up to 2-6 months depending on our work load. A note on internationals shipments: We are finding that not all countries will allow full insurance through USPS. Though we can ship DHL or FedEx, the cost is much more. Should you decide to risk USPS, then we can only be responsible for the maximum insurance allowed. (Usually $500 for some countries.) Please note that we must add additional handling to the shipping to cover insurance, signature, and proper packaging. These additional charges that show up in shipping are to protect you the buyer receive the armor in good condition and to protect it us from theft during shipping.