Fiberglass Death Trooper Kit

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Back in production - Version 3 - Updates to this version include better shins and back design which makes assembly easier.  Sharper details than an ABS kit.

We make one of the most durable and troopable kits on the market. Our kits are made to last and be worn, bumped into and moved in. My first kit I made was plastic and I felt like I was some fragile doll walking around and not a tough trooper so I decided to make our in fiberglass. Unlike flimsy plastic kits, our kit is made from gel coated fiberglass which costs more to produce, but yields a set of armor that is a lot more durable and is meant for troopers who plan on actually trooping in their armor and don’t want to walk around like plastic dolls. The armor is made with the same process as car parts and boats. Each piece starts with a jet black gel coat which is laid into the mold .02 inches thick. Then 2 layers of 3/4 oz. fiberglass mat are laid up on top of the gel coat.

This makes a very hard part. On the butt plate we put in 3 layers so that it is even strong enough to sit on without cracking it. Unlike 3D printed kits, it already has a smooth finish. Once you have trimmed it to size you are ready to apply paint. Unlike most kits on the market there isn't any sanding required to make the armor smooth except where you trimmed. We prime all of the parts with a black primer coat before shipping. A light sanding with 400 grit is all thats needed before painting.

Why are your kits more expensive?
Gel Coated fiberglass cost more to produce up front than plastic, but it is a better value because it take a lot less time to finish and will last much longer. It is also easily repairable if something is chipped or breaks.

Is your kit CRL approved?
If finished and assembled properly, yes. The molds for the armor are all cast from Tom Campbell’s files which were used to 3D print the set of armor that is shown in the CRL.  We are strictly following the 501st CRL. Please note that different squads have slightly different interpretations of the CRL so minor modification may need to be done to be done to satisfy your local unit.
We already have a members in the 501st who have been approved using our armor.

Kit includes:
Chest and Stomach Armor
Shoulder Bell Set
Bicep Armor Set
Forearm Armor Set
Hand Armor
Upper and Lower Back Armor w pack and thermal detonator
Butt Plate
Thigh Armor
Ribbed rubber for thighs
Shin Armor
Wrist bands
Forearm stabilizer rockets
Shoulder straps and buckles

Please note that the photos of the finished kits above also show the helmet, weapons, belt kit and other accessories which are not included in this base kit price. These items can all be found in our store but are not included in the base armor package sold in this listing.