Screen accurate sheet of hard rubber for Death Trooper Thighs

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Price is for a set of 4! Please read the description before buying. These are custom made because there isn't any commercially available material out there on the market that is screen accurate. The sides of the thighs in the Death Trooper are a ribbed material that matches the same dimensions of the gaskets used in the elbos and knees. Up till now this has usually been 3D printed (not flexible) or using a EVA foam ribbed exercise mat. Both of these solutions have problems. The 3D printed parts are brittle and break in an area that needs to flex. The EVA foam wears to easily especially on the inner thighs where they rub together as you walk. Using some of the same moldable material we use for making our straps, we are now molding sheets of a very durable black rubber which fits this need. I will apologize for the price, but most of it is just materials cost. These are custom made sheets and are expensive to make unfortunately. But they are screen accurate and very durable. Perfect for trooping. They are made from urethane rubber with a cloth mesh inside for added strength. We recommend they are glued in place with with E6100 industrial adhesive or the prefered method is with Chicago screws which are fiberglassed into your thighs. Each sheet is 15"x6" and you are purchasing a set of 4 which is usually enough to make your thighs. Please note that these are a hand poured and made item and small imperfections and or bubbles may exist. If you do get a sheet that has too many bubbles and not enough usable area to complete your thighs, let us know and we will replace the item if its deemed unusable. Please allow up to two weeks for shipping.