Star Wars SE-14R Blastech Blaster replica prop - Resin Cast

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 The SE-14R is the standard side arm of the Death Troopers. It was also wielded by K2SO in Rogue One. The blaster was also carried by a number of Storm Troopers. It is based on a sub machine gun called a Rexum Favor. These decommissioned guns were purchased by the Lucas FX team who cut off the barrel and added a inexpensive rim fire scope which was put on backwards. (And you wonder why they couldnt hit anything.) The gun was also used with a slightly different paint scheme and scope in the movie Aliens.

We offer this blaster in 2 versions:

- Raw cast resin kit (more durable than 3D prints ) Scope not included.

- a finished cast cast blaster with a real scope that is painted and lightly weathered for realism and ready to troop. Warning: this looks like a real gun. Be careful in public. Not intended as a childs toy.


In the raw kits some sanding and filing of imperfections and casting spurs is required before painting.