The Mandalorian Armor Episode 1 Print Files

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The Mandalorian is probably one of the most anticipated television series ever.  Personally I fell in love with the grit and style of it the moment I saw the first photos.  Its style comes from the feeling of Tatooine and the hive of scum at its spaceports from the first Star Wars.  We look forward to seeing The Mandalorian evolve. This listing is for just the Episode 1 armor files. We have another listing for the beskar (shiny) armor files.

These files have been meticulously worked on to try to ensure the best accuracy.  In most cases the files were created over photos of the screen used costume.  The intent is to be able to meet 501st Legion and Mandalorian Mercs  approval.  Since there isn't any CRLs yet, this can not be guaranteed except that as we do find out that changes need to be made, they will be made and upgraded files made available free of charge to those who have purchased a license.  Also note that what you are getting is the models shown in the CAD images.  The finished examples have a few minor details which were wrong and have already been changed.

Before I release any files I print out the parts to make sure that they look good and function in reality.  This is a very important step that many artist do not take and it does safe you a lot of time.  All of the STLs are loaded into Simplify 3D, checked and printed.

Whats included:

  • The Helmet
  • Chest Armor
  • Shoulder Bells
  • Gauntlets Thigh
  • Armor Hip Armor
  • Left Knee Belt and Shin cylinders
  • Right Grieve
  • Right Shin
  • Knee
  • Belt Buckle
  • Bandolier Buckle
  • Hand Armor

Follow our blogs at as I will be posting tutorials on how to finish out the armor and what paints etc I find work best. License:  The license is for personal use only and not for commercial reproduction. Please honor this because this is how I am able to continue to make and update products for my customers.